The Importance of Fulfilling Your Child Support Obligation

Paying child support can be a headache or a breezy process depending on the state of mind you approach it with. While each state has its set of rules concerning child support obligations, there are some principles you can follow to maintain a cool head on your shoulders.

Our child support lawyers can help you navigate this tricky process and make decisions that will benefit everyone involved.

Changing Monthly Obligations

When a court decides on the amount you’ll be paying monthly, said amount isn’t written in stone. Child support modifications can still be a possibility if you find yourself in a compromising financial situation. If this is the case, rest assured that a court will require extensive evidence of long-term unemployment, severe disability or a reduction in income.

Increasing Monthly Obligations

Monthly obligations can increase as well as decrease. Your ex-spouse can petition a court to have child support amounts that you provide increase if your income rises as well. Just like petitioning a child support reduction, proof has to be shown to a court that your income has dramatically and permanently increased over the amount when the order was given.

When Children Become a Factor

If another child is brought into the situation, payments may be reduced. One of the biggest factors that a court will use to determine support amounts is how many children you have. This means that having another child can potentially decrease payments.

Time with Your Child

If you decide you’d like to spend more time with your child, then this could also impact the amount you pay monthly. In many cases, the amount paid towards child support depends on the time each parent spends with him/her. So, if your visitation time increases, you’ll be providing more food, clothing and housing. This means the amount you pay may decrease as a result.

Missing a Payment

As you can imagine, not paying your child support can result in trouble. There are many creative ways that states make sure people keep up with their child support payments. There are criminal penalties, the suspension of driving privileges, wage garnishments, tax return withholdings and many others.

Not All Income is Created Equal

When paying child support, only certain income is used to pay what you owe. Don’t forget that your monthly child support payments are taken from your gross income; this can include your tips, rental income, wages, etc. There are government benefits such as Supplemental Security Insurance that is off the table.

Helping You with Your Legal Needs

It’s important to not get overwhelmed with the complexities of child support settlements during a divorce. The McAllen attorneys at Barrera, Sanchez & Associates, P.C. can help you in making sense of how much you’ll pay and the amount of time you’ll be allowed with your children. Contact us today to get started.


2 Responses to “The Importance of Fulfilling Your Child Support Obligation”

  1. Sutton Turner

    I like how you said that not all income is created equal in the case of child support. My dad is still paying child support for my little brother. Thank you for the information on the importance of fulfilling this obligation.

  2. Joy Butler

    It really helped when you said that when paying child support, only certain income is used to pay what you owe. My brother got separated from her wife because of infidelity. They have a son and he has a problem with child support.

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