Family Law Advocates Claim Joint Custody is Best for Children

A divorce can possibly create a problematic situation for couples when children are involved. Child custody and support are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the factors divorcing spouses deal with when ending a marriage. A majority of divorcing couples attempt to base their decision-making on their children’s best interests, and rightfully so. However, child custody is not always easily agreed upon by both spouses who have possibly become estranged, and spouses whom have amicably agreed to end their marriage most often find it easier to settle these issues. A group of advocates is pushing for “shared-parenting”, asserting that children are happier when equal time is spent with both parents.

Advocates Call on Lawmakers to Take Action

Child custody laws and practices vary by state. This includes regulations that award sole custody to a single parent while the other parent settles for visitation rights. These laws are outdated and must adapt to recent changes in social trends, according to joint custody advocates. Lawmakers across the nation are beginning to examine current state family laws more closely in an effort to ensure that a child’s well-being is protected in a divorce settlement.

Sharing Equal Custody

Children should be allowed to spend time with both parents if neither proves to be a threat to the child’s well-being. Consult with a family law attorney if you are contemplating divorce and child custody and support issues are expected to arise. Your attorney can help you reach a custodial agreement which allows for you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse to maintain a healthy relationship with your children.

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