Divorce in the Digital Age: Latest Survey Links Social Media Use with Divorce

A new survey has confirmed previously held beliefs about social media playing a significant role in the dissolution of marriages. Out of 2,000 married British couples that were surveyed, one in seven individuals claimed their spouses’ activity on social networking sites and apps have caused them to consider divorce.

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The Perils of Constant Connectivity

Staying connected to friends and family is relatively easy these days thanks to social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. However, that connectivity seems to be doing more harm than good for married couples. Nearly a quarter of the married folks who were polled claimed having a minimum of one argument weekly due to social media use with 17% saying they fought about it daily.

Use of Social Networking Evidence Increases

The United States is not immune to this problem. Divorce attorneys here are pretty much in agreement regarding social media use commonly playing a role in divorces. The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers surveyed divorce attorneys in 2010 and a little over 80% claimed seeing an increase in the amount of cases that used evidence from social networking sites in the past five years.

Face Your Divorce Head-On

Meeting with a skilled divorce attorney is a crucial first step if social media-related conflicts have caused a rift in your marriage. If you are considering divorce, your attorney will ensure your rights are protected when dealing with all the legal aspects including property division, alimony and child custody arrangements if children are involved.

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