Legal Software and Wills

Wills are important and necessary. A living will ensure that your loved ones or doctors are informed of your medical wishes in case of a traumatic accident, illness, or incapacitation. Your instructions will be dictated so that no one is confused or emotionally distressed when you are in need of medical attention. A last will and testament will leave orders as to the distribution of your wealth, estate, and the appointment of a guardian for minor children.

Legal software is a growing trend amongst those who want a “quickie” will, or better known as a “do it yourself”. A cyberlawyer or an extensive amount of legal documents that you have to fill-in yourself has its setbacks. Here are some of the following setbacks:

  • Each state has its own set of legal procedures or requirements in formulating a will. Legal software will not be able to relay those legal procedures or requirements in certain situations.
  • Wills may fail to be valid, depending on the legal software used and who drafted the document(s).
  • Cyberlawyers or drafters may not provide sufficient or correct information to the client in regards to his inquiries.
  • Client’s needs and requirements are not met or understood correctly, so information was not interpreted correctly on the document.

Legal software allows you to create a will in just a few minutes, which is convenient, but without the expertise of an attorney. Hiring an attorney, who can help you avoid the pitfalls of probate can save you a lot of trouble. Don’t be a victim of the inaccuracies of legal software or cyberlawyers.

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