How To Arrange For Organ Donation Via Your Will

Organ donation is growing in demand. According to, over 117,000 people currently await an available organ, 18 die each day doing so and up to 8 lives can be saved by a single donor. In your will, the assets you leave behind do not always have to include vehicles, homes, boats, jewelry, etc. Organs can also be listed in your will to be donated after your passing.

What Will Be Needed To Donate?

Foremost, you will need a donor registration card. Registering for one is a relatively easy process in Texas and elsewhere. In the state of Texas, doing so can be done online at or in person at your nearest Department of Public Safety office. Secondly, ensure to address that you wish to have your organs donated in your will. You may also list the specific reason for the donation, i.e. transplant, research, therapy or education.

Which Organs Can Be Donated?

Due to the advancement of medical technology, it is now possible to donate several organs, including:

  • Hearts
  • Lungs
  • Kidneys
  • Livers
  • Pancreas
  • Connective tissues (tendons or ligaments)
  • Bones and bone marrow
  • Corneas
  • Skin

As stated before, specify which organ(s) you wish to donate in your will and the reason(s) for doing so.

Who Should Be Informed?

Your immediate family, healthcare provider and attorney should all be made aware of your wish to donate your organs. The process of donation must be done as soon as possible following your death. If you believe a family member or friend may object to your wishing to donate organs, list your intention in your will to prevent any confusion or mix-up following your death.

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