Ford Recalls Transit Connect Over Faulty Wipers

A company’s negligence can cause severe harm mental, physical or emotional harm to an individual. Jeopardizing the health and life of an individual is topic for a lawsuit involving serious legal ramifications. When faulty products are sold by companies, it can inflict serious injury on a person, resulting in disastrous situations or death. Family members or the individual who were harmed can choose to file a lawsuit. Entitlement to monetary compensation is available if adequate proof of negligence is provided.

Built Not So Tough

Ford Motor Company recently recalled 16,330 Transit Connect vans 2011-2012 due to the malfunction of the van’s wiper arms. The wiper arms may not be attached correctly, causing inefficient windshield cleaning. In the event the wiper arm was to detach, this could result in windshield wiper failure, therefore decreasing driver visibility and causing a car accident. Injury or death of a driver and passengers is an unfortunate tragedy. There are medical and funeral expenses, and mental and emotional distress to handle. Expenses can add torment to the injury or death of a loved one.

Legal Guidance is Critical

Seeking the legal guidance of an attorney with expert knowledge in personal injury can prove greatly beneficial in acquiring the utmost monetary compensation possible. Skills and experience are necessary in preparing and gathering the necessary documents needed to build a substantial case. An attorney can provide maximum support in relieving the painful and stressful burden during a time of tragedy, while working hard for you for an optimal outcome.

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