What You Should Know to Protect Your Rights as a Divorced Parent

Divorcing requires many tough decisions that can affect your children. For that reason, divorcees must work together as co-parents to raise them together. As a divorced parent, countless questions may be running through your head about how this new lifestyle will affect your parenting rights. Learn what you can do and how our divorce lawyers in McAllen can help.

Standard Possession Orders

Standard Possession Orders

The custodial parent is the one who the child primarily lives with and makes decisions on their behalf. A non-custodial parent has visits. However, a non-custodial parent can also have a “standard possession order.” This gives him/her the legal right to continuous visitation schedules with the child.

Your Non-Custodial Rights

Your Non-Custodial Rights

A standard possession order also allows a non-custodial parent to know about their child’s well-being and his/her/their whereabouts while in the custody of the custodial parent. Depending on what a court determines, a non-custodial parent may also be responsible for contributing to child support and paying for their child’s medical or dental needs.

How We Can Help

Are you and your ex-spouse disagreeing on how to handle visitation schedules or a standard possession order? Our divorce attorneys in McAllen can offer legal guidance in all matters involving family law, including child support, visitation rights, and child custody. We can also:

  • Act as your legal representation on matters concerning child support hearings.
  • Draft a modified possession order to include accommodations both parents can agree on.

Request a Consultation

Need a change to your possession order or advice about how to proceed with your divorce? Contact our divorce attorneys in McAllen to request a free consultation today!

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