What Non-custodial Parents Need to Know

During a divorce, it will be decided who will be the primary guardian of the child or children involved. A non-custodial parent, also referred to as a possessory conservator, is the parent who does not have primary custody of a child. The non-custodial parent still has rights as a parent and can enforce those rights, such as visitation rights and the right to know where your child is. A custodial parent, or managing conservator, is assigned primary custody of the child and can decide the location of residence for the child. Child support is normally an issue of concern for non-custodial parents during the divorce.

The Office of Attorney General in Texas (OAG) lists information that will benefit the non-custodial parent. Information and knowledge is priceless in issues concerning your child or children. Here are some informational details:

  • Court Summons— Appear in court when summoned, or the court will make decisions for you
  • Child Support Amount— Deciding the amount of payment for child support will be determined by your financial situation if provided to the OAG
  • Partial Payments— Partial payment is better than none. Show that you are attempting to demonstrate responsibility, and inform the child support office of your circumstances
  • Late Payments— Making late payments will only worsen the issue and interest is accrued. The OAG is entitled to collect payments even if the child enters adulthood
  • Age Limit— You are required to pay child support until the child reaches the age of 18. Special circumstances may extend the period of time for child support payments

Non-custodial parents may have various questions concerning child support that must be answered by an experienced professional who specializes in divorce law. Lawyers can help with these matters and clarify extensive questions. To go about the matter on your own, without legal assistance, can prove to be difficult. Divorce and child support are life-changing situations that must be addressed with knowledge and experience.

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