Unfaithfulness In The Digital Age

It is a given fact that not all marriages will work. The reason may fall on anything, such as adultery, lack of communication, spouses drifting apart, etc. However, in this new age of technology, more and more divorces are resultant of technology. 20 or 30 years ago, a married couple would never have had a suspicion that their marriage could be shattered due to the internet or mobile device communication. A spouse suspicious of their husband/wife should keep a lookout for these signs.

Password Protected Emails and Secret Cellphone Activity

The largest giveaway that your spouse may be unfaithful is creating new, password protected email accounts, where you have not been provided said passwords. Also, if your spouse spends long amounts of time on the internet and has a habit of deleting browser history or closing web pages upon your entering the room is another sign. The same will go with cellphone activity. If you notice your spouse keeps their cellphone activity a secret from you, such as calls or texting, it may be reason to raise an eyebrow.

Secret Social Media Activity

If your spouse spends much time on Facebook or Twitter without providing details to you about his/her activity, it may be possible a virtual affair is occurring. One dead giveaway is if your spouse does not add you or any other mutual friends or family as a friend on Facebook, for example. Understandably, much phone or internet activity isn’t unusual in this age of technology, but be cautious as to how your spouse conducts their activity.

Increased/Decreased Affection

If you notice your spouse being more or less loving and affectionate than usual, it’s possible that he/she is compensating for guilt they may be feeling about their possible infidelity. These unusual behaviors may be much more prevalent following any online activity.

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