The Most Common Dirty Schemes of Divorce

It isn’t unusual for tensions and sour feelings to arise between spouses during a divorce. Both sides will attempt to make the situation far more difficult than it needs to be. The following are just but a few dirty schemes spouses commit against one another in attempting to gain the upper hand in their divorce proceedings.

Wrongfully withdrawing all funds from a joint bank account

It isn’t uncommon for a wife or husband to extract all funds from a joint account and transferring to a lone account under his/her name without the knowledge of the spouse. When a spouse does this, it is done to make bill payments difficult for the other. Joint accounts allow multiple parties access to funds and by doing this, the husband/wife is spiting the other spouse.

Refusing to pay for utilities to “starve” the other spouse

Let us say a husband has moved out of the house, but he is the primary source of income for the family. The man, out of spite, will refuse to make payments until forced to by the court. This is referred to as “Starve Out the Other Spouse.” This puts the dependent spouse in an uncomfortable position by accepting an unfair settlement out of desperation.

Petitioning the court for primary custody of children despite planning to agree on joint custody

A spouse fighting for the sole custody of his/her children despite planning on agreeing to joint custody is a tactic used to instill fear in the wife or husband. In doing this, the participating spouse hopes that their soon-to-be ex-spouse will negotiate by giving up another issue the two are fighting for; usually financial in nature.

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