Study Shows Child Support Payments Stable With Joint Custody

The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) has released a statistic in which nearly 75% of all child custody battles are awarded to the mother, 10% to the father, and the remaining 15% to both parents in a joint custody agreement. With almost 2.5 million people divorcing every year, according to the US Census Bureau, it is easy to imagine the amount of custody battles occurring for those couples with children.

The Census Bureau also released a report where it concluded that divorced parents sharing joint custody or are granted visitation rights of their children are more likely to keep up with child support payments in relation to those who have no custody or visitation rights at all. The Census Bureau also found that nearly 40% of recently divorced fathers are denied custodial rights of any kind.

An interesting fact about divorced couples is that nearly half reach an agreement on visitation rights without the consultation of a third party, showing that both want the other partner involved in the child’s life in some form. However, most courts grant sole custody to the mother due to cultural tradition. Although women are less likely to become stay-at-home mothers in today’s world, the courts still grant them custody due to the mother-child nurture view. The father, in turn, will be the one to pay child support, with the chances of stable payments remaining high if the father is allowed some sort of visitation rights.

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