Starving Out the Other Spouse and Other Dirty Divorce Tricks

Tensions can run high during divorce proceedings. It isn’t uncommon for soon-to-be ex-spouses to dish out their grievances on each other, making the process more difficult than it needs to be. When estranged spouses are motivated by their desire to achieve a more favorable divorce outcome, they aren’t afraid to pull out all the stops. If divorce is on your horizon, it’s best to familiarize yourself with a few dirty tactics of a marriage termination to prepare yourself for what may come.

Cutting Off Support

When a couple agrees to divorce, the first step is usually for one of the spouses to move out. Despite this, the spouse may still be ordered by the court to provide payments for a mortgage, household expenses, and other forms of support. However, spouses engaging in dirty tactics may stop making these payments, or may be late in an effort to “starve out” the other spouse who relies on that financial support.

Concealing Assets

Property division and support entitlements can be easy to forecast for divorcing couples. Oftentimes, a spouse who anticipates a substantial child or spousal support obligation, or is unhappy with expected property and asset division, will attempt to hide assets from the other spouse.

Dragging Out the Process

Another dirty tactic commonly committed by divorcing spouses is to inflict additional costs on their soon-to-be ex-spouse by presenting needless motions, frequently changing lawyers, and dragging out the overall process. This tactical and stalling measure is aimed at intentionally driving up litigation costs for the other spouse in hopes that they will either be too financially or emotionally drained to continue with the process.

Increasing the Joint Debt

Even honest spouses aren’t immune to bad behavior during a divorce and may act out of character. Those who do not engage in hiding assets may either splurge on shopping sprees or add on unusual and/or questionable expenses in order to inflate their lifestyle. This is done so that the other spouse will be forced to support said lifestyle, causing a strain on his/her finances. Anything from purchasing new vehicles to maxing out joint credit cards is considered a dirty divorce tactic that can leave both indebted.

Don’t Let Your Rights be Infringed Upon

Our divorce attorneys in McAllen are well aware of how difficult the process of marriage termination can be. Know that we have your best interests at heart and will not allow your rights to be infringed upon. Start this new chapter in your life by choosing us to help you.

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