Social Media Nightmare: Facebook Responsible For Nearly A Third Of Divorces

Marriages today can end for various reasons such as lack of affection, infidelity or the couple simply growing apart. However, as technology begins to grow and advance as years pass, it slowly begins to enter our personal lives. For example, shopping has become easy with such websites as Amazon or eBay and social networking sites Facebook and Twitter have made it easier to befriend people without having to leave the comfort of our homes. However, Facebook, according to a 2011 survey by, is responsible for almost one-third of all divorces. Why is that so?

Meeting New People Has Never Been Easier

The first indication would be that Facebook allows one to meet other people rather easily. The social networking giant is in no way similar to dating sites, which require payment for membership. Married spouses who join such websites have already made the motion to have an affair. However, those joining Facebook or similar sites find it easy to socialize with other like-minded people with the knowledge that it all remains confident at no cost whatsoever – monetary wise. This confidentiality may invariably lead to frank discussions regarding relationships, sex or even plans to meet in-person. A marriage already falling apart may further drive a spouse to seek the affection of another.

Reuniting With Past Romances

A prominent feature on Facebook is the ability to search for specific people according to name or place of residence. It isn’t uncommon for a spouse who has separated, but has yet to divorce their wife/husband, to look up a past romance. Whereas many years ago, you would perhaps never see an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend again, with Facebook it has become conveniently easy to look them up once again. A simple message to one another or a conversation could lead to much more. For a spouse whose activities have been discovered, yet without physical contact having been made, the mistrust by their wife/husband due to their actions could spell disaster.

Overall, for a spouse going through a rough patch in their marriage, it is best to just avoid social media when emotionally, they are vulnerable. If going through a divorce, wait until the proceedings have ended and the divorce is final before moving onto a new relationship.

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