Moving On: How to Deal with Post-Divorce Child Custody Battles

Divorce can become a major turning point for all family members as they oftentimes prove to be extremely difficult to overcome. For many who go through a divorce, simply reaching the end of legal proceedings can bring long-awaited relief. The end of a divorce can introduce an entirely new family dynamic when a couple with children deals with post-divorce child custody arrangements. It is possible to find a balance within the family by communicating with and remaining connected to the children.

A Turning Point for the Family

Child custody is an important issue in divorce. Finding a way to deal with this new situation can be difficult and the realization that it may last for years can be especially distressing. The futures of the children involved depend on the outcome of the custody and visitation agreement. These issues are typically settled through mediation, collaborative law or litigation. It is important for parents to inform their children of the upcoming changes in their family life to ease the transition.

Focus on the Children

The focus should primarily be on the children’s well-being and not the couple’s divorce. The children may never understand their parents’ inability to find a way to remain together despite the divorced couples’ acceptance of their new post-divorce situation. That is why communication is key. Remain attentive of the children in other environments, most notably school. This is valuable in assessing how they are coping with the change.

Time Spent Together is Valuable

The most important thing is to make the most of the time a parent spends with their child. It can be especially important to ensure that the parent is connecting with the child during a custody dispute.  Children should understand that they are still loved and their relationship with their parents is valuable. Parents need to realize that a new family dynamic could be as much a strain on their children as on themselves.

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