Lifelong Lessons Children Learn From Divorce

Divorce can be a major learning and emotional experience for any child involved. As a parent, it is crucial to highlight the positive things that may result from a divorce to help the child cope with the aftereffects. The following are five lessons a child can gain from this type of situation.

Learn to Forgive

The old adage that goes “forgive and forget” can apply to many facets of daily life. It is a characteristic any individual should embrace as holding grudges against someone, particularly loved ones, can hinder the healing process in life-changing situations.

Divorce is often planned between spouses but still comes as a surprise to the people around them. How a couple handles their divorce, wanted or unwanted, will affect how well their children copes with the news. Children will learn and understand forgiveness from observing their parent’s behaviors and attitudes about divorce.

Open Communication is Key

Open and honest communication can be the very foundation of a successful relationship. Lack of communication can be a reason for divorce or the cause of distress following one.

It is important to keep kids “in the know”. Learning how to openly communicate will teach a child that it is not okay to bottle up emotions or to lie. Parents who talk things through with their children demonstrate how easily communication can change things for the better.

Independence is a Virtue

For younger children, the idea of separation can be difficult to accept. Knowing the value of independence can enforce a positive mentality and can aid them as they enter adulthood. Independence is a virtue that can affect all aspects of life, from how they choose a partner to how they handle financial matters.

Never Sacrifice Happiness

Oftentimes, a couple considering divorce will hold off due to the fear of hurting the people around them. When a parent neglects their personal happiness, it can lead to greater problems within the family. Children should learn, from divorce, that personal happiness is important.

Most children can see when their parents are unhappy but may not always understand why. Explaining why divorce will make “mommy and daddy” happy is the way to go. Learning about personal happiness is a valuable lesson that encourages self-respect and self-confidence.

Resilience: Accept Change

When an event happens that is out of our control, the only thing to do is learn to accept and move on. People make decisions and take actions based on choices that result in change. Change can be good and bad. Whatever the case, it is important for a child to develop resilience to move forward.

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