Fast but Not Furious: The Quick and Easy Uncontested Divorce

The first step for a couple to take when seeking an amicable divorce is to mutually agree that their marriage should end. When a husband and wife decide to call it quits, the process in terminating their marriage is known as an uncontested divorce. As the name suggests, in this type of divorce, neither party objects to end the union. Also, the court overseeing the procedure will not make any decisions regarding child custody/support, alimony or division of property. In the United States, uncontested divorces are extremely popular due to their fast resolutions, low costs and overall freedom they give to the divorcing spouses.

Cost Effective

Uncontested divorces are popular for lower and middle-class couples primarily due to their short durations and affordable resolutions. Despite these two factors, it is still highly suggested to consult with a divorce attorney. The consultation will not only inform the clients of what to expect, it will also provide insight of any possible long-term ramifications. Nonetheless, determining who pays the legal fees could present trouble.


The primary issue arises from uncontested divorces are known for is their efficiency in settling a mutually beneficial resolution. Many divorces tend to be drawn out, usually lasting months or even years due to the spouses’ inability to reach a settlement agreement. If the spouses, however, have reached their own terms, it will be easier to gauge the amount of time it takes for the procedure to be resolved. Despite this, each state’s laws require certain protocols to be followed that can impact how long until a resolution is reached.

Your Privacy is Never Breached

Uncontested divorces are also known for their ability to keep the most private information from becoming public. A couple must file their agreement with the court, which, in turn, will become public record. However, the negotiations which took place will remain private. If a divorce becomes drawn out and reaches trial, then the details of the couples’ marriage will become public record.

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