In All Fairness: How Child Support Works – Part 1

When a couple comes to the difficult decision that it’s time to end their marriage, the emotional and financial baggage that comes with going through with it can be very overwhelming. If they happen to have children, the process of divorce can be even more serious.

When the time comes for custody and child support payments to be worked out, both parents can oftentimes feel at extreme odds with each other. Although this is normal, it’s very important to remember that your children’s well-being is what’s most important. When deciding which parent will get custody and who will pay for support (if it comes down to this decision), there are a few things that both sides should know.

If child support has become a serious issue following your divorce, then know that our family law attorneys in McAllen can help you.

What to Consider

First and foremost, both parents should know that a court will ultimately decide which side will provide the best circumstances for the children involved, unless joint custody has been agreed upon by the parents. When it comes to child support, however, things can get a bit more complicated. You might be wondering why child support is needed in the first place. It’s basically to help the child’s way of life. For the parent who retains primary custody, the following can be paid for using support:

  • Clothing
  • Food
  • School supplies
  • Housing
  • Medical attention
  • Transportation

These are the basic needs that the custodial parent should use support for. If the parent providing the support has proof that the other parent is recklessly using funds, it can be addressed through legal means.

The Amount of Support

Following a divorce, the parent who’s been granted custody may be wondering how much support he/she will need to maintain a comfortable well-being for their children. A law called the Federal Child Support Enforcement Act stipulates that support should be estimated based on the financial situation of the custodial parent. Another very important detail to keep in mind is that the amount will also vary depending on the court overseeing the situation.

This is why it’s extremely important to seek out the help of an experienced child support lawyer for your case. Your lawyer will go into the details of how child support may be determined. He/she will also be your voice in the court, meaning that they’ll be speaking on your behalf to ensure that your child’s well-being is first and foremost during the case.

We’re Ready to Help

We understand that child support, custody and all of the areas of divorce law can be difficult to understand and go through. This is why our team of family law attorneys in McAllen will work hard on your behalf. If you’re a divorced parent needing the skilled services of our team on your side, then we’re ready to help you. Like we mentioned above, we’ll be your representatives during this very serious legal process. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you or our other services.

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  1. Jennifer Salazar

    How much on the average is a divorce? I’m married with three kids 12, 8, and 6. The only thing in both our names is the house and light bill. Checking accounts and cars are under our own names. He is a resident alien from Mexico. We have tried to reconcile for a while now but it is just not working. Our income taxes our done together but I have no idea about them he does them without me.

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