Down the Drain: How Divorcees Lose Money

As the saying goes, “The reason divorce is so expensive is because it’s worth it.” This saying does not have to apply to your divorce. Incompatibility, irreconcilable differences and infidelity are primary reasons spouses divorce but couples fear divorce will break the bank. What can a soon-to-be divorcee do to save as much money as possible? Take the following into consideration before calling it quits and increase the money left in your pocket to secure your financial future.

Financial Gain with a Competent Attorney

Avoid seeking the legal services of a lawyer who does not have your best interest at hand. Competent legal representation will ensure your finances are secure as methods to prevent loss of earnings are highlighted and discussed. An attorney may agree to contingency payments in the event a client cannot afford the attorney’s fees upfront.

Letting Go and Looking Ahead

A divorce can either be a time of resentment or closure. It is not unusual when a wronged spouse makes the process difficult for the other. The first step to end this difficult chapter is to simply let go. Needlessly drawing out a divorce to spite the other party lengthens mediation periods and court sessions which increase attorney fees. Keep your financial stability in mind to avoid a financial drain.

Not Everyone Should Have a Day in Court

Divorcing couples are almost always advised to settle out of court for two reasons:

  • Out-of-court settlements are faster as they allow both parties and their attorneys to negotiate through mediation
  • Court costs are significantly more expensive than mediation especially with hotly contested cases

Mediation also allows the clients more control through their negotiations rather than allow a judge to decide for them.

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