Domestic Violence: Criminal Behavior and Divorce

Domestic violence is a cruel reality that annually consumes marriages and relationships by the thousands. It is a method of abuse enforced by spouses to control and manipulate their partners. Domestic violence is a violent concoction of fear, pain and even torture inside the home. Women, or men, who can no longer bear the torment, file for divorce to free themselves.

Texas Family Code: Sec 6.002. CRUELTY

Texas is no-fault state, meaning a spouse is not required to provide a reason for divorce to be granted divorce. However, if evidence is provided by a spouse, who claims to be a victim of domestic violence, he or she may file for divorce under one of the seven legal grounds for divorce in Texas, cruelty. The accused spouse may endure criminal charges, receive a disproportionate division of community estate, and be slammed with a protective restraining order throughout the divorce process.

Forms of Domestic Violence

Physical abuse is the most common form of domestic violence in turbulent marriages. The act of beating a spouse or forcing him or her to intake alcohol or drugs is considered criminal behavior. Other forms of domestic violence include:

  • Emotional abuse – The ability to gain control over a spouse by bashing a spouse’s self-image and self-worth with harsh remarks and continual criticism.
  • Psychological abuse – The assertion of dominance by instilling fear in a spouse by way of intimidation, threats and personal or public humiliation.
  • Sexual abuse – A form of criminal behavior, this involves marital rape, or forcing your partner to engage in sexual relations.
  • Financial abuse – This is the denial of spousal financial independence by hiding financial information and prohibiting access to financial resources or monies.

Fight Back with an Iron Fist

Acquire the legal services of a divorce lawyer who will fight for your freedom. The decision to file for divorce is never easy but an experienced lawyer will provide the necessary legal advice and guidance to ensure your safety and well being. Protect you and your family from further abuse. Act now.

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