Debunking 3 Family Law Rumors During the Pandemic

Have you been hearing conflicting “facts” about how family law courts are working during the COVID-19 pandemic? If so, now is the time to understand what your parental responsibilities, as a divorcee, include. Learn about three rumors circling family law courts during the pandemic.

Rumor 1: I Don’t Have to Pay Child Support

The Texas Attorney General’s Child Support Division requires all divorced parents to fulfill their child support responsibilities. For example, you can request a hearing with a family law court to request a reduction in payment amounts. Our McAllen family law attorneys can help you explore your options and discuss your circumstances.

Rumor 2: My Ex-Spouse Doesn’t Need to See Our Child

According to the Texas Supreme Court’s 7th Emergency Order, court orders and visitation schedules must be followed by both parents. Our divorce lawyers can help you make a request to modify your court order. 

Parents may want to change a court order if their ex-spouse:

  • Was exposed to COVID-19.
  • Is not following social distancing rules.
  • Is not using a mask in public.
  • Has a higher-than-normal vulnerability to the virus.

Rumor 3: My Court Hearing Will NOT be Heard

Although Texas courts are taking precautions due to the pandemic, many courts have created new ways to attend hearings. Some essential cases are held indoors, but others are delayed or addressed via phone or video call.

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