Calling It Quits: How to Tell if it’s Time to Divorce

In the United States and other developed nations, the divorce rate for all married couples is just below 50 percent. Surprisingly, 60 percent of second marriages and 73 percent of third marriages end in divorce as well. Which factors lead to these high statistics? A couple emotionally drifting apart, adultery and incompatibility can all contribute to a marriage annulment. How can one tell when a marriage is no longer salvageable? Deciding to end this type of union is incredibly difficult and can be based on three factors.

My Spouse And I Want To Divorce, But Aren’t Sure It’s The Right Decision

Deciding to end a marriage encompasses many changes. Determining where you stand financially now that you face the possibility of once again being single is just one fact a spouse must deal with. If the two of you have children, then the decision will be even more difficult as you both will need to determine who will gain custody and which will have visitation rights. However, if you have actually considered divorce as an option, then there is definitely a problem in the marriage that needs addressing.

I Want To Divorce, But My Spouse Doesn’t

It isn’t uncommon for a married couple experiencing trouble to have opposing views on salvaging a marriage. One sees nothing left to save while the other does not want to deal with the possibility of terminating the marriage. However, as stated before, if one couple is considering annulling the marriage, then there is definitely a problem that one sees and the other doesn’t. The best method of resolving this issue is to consider a legal separation. Although not officially terminating a marriage, it allows the spouses time alone to determine if a marriage annulment will work for each other’s benefit.

We’ve Tried Everything To Salvage The Marriage, But Nothing Has Worked

If the time comes that both spouses agree that counseling or a temporary legal separation is not working, then divorce is a final option. Consult with a divorce attorney to determine if annulling your marriage truly is a last resort for you and your spouse.

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