A Productive Approach: The Advantages of a Collaborative Divorce

The largest misconception most Americans have regarding divorce is it being entirely hostile and confrontational. It’s assumed that such a process involves anger and resentment between spouses when negotiating alimony, asset division and child custody. That image, however, is changing due to the fact that more and more couples wanting to end their marriage are turning to a collaborative divorce. In terms of divorce law, collaboration is not as traditional as other forms but is becoming increasingly popular.

The Basics

A collaborative divorce is more client-centered than a traditional divorce. The process involves divorcing couples negotiating a suitable agreement with a little help from their attorneys and other professionals. Unlike, traditional divorce cases, collaborative divorces are settled without having to go to court. Each party retains its own legal counsel and lawyers and clients work together to negotiate a more peaceful outcome.

Thinking of the Children

Most couples can’t help but think and dread about the well-being of their children during a divorce. How much time will I spend with my kids? Will they be well-taken care of? It’s natural to worry about these things but it is also important to know that a viable option is available to help ease those worries. A collaborative divorce allows you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse to amicably work together to decide your children’s well-being rather than a court. It is extremely beneficial for both spouses to remain civil in order to properly determine how the children will be cared for and how time spent with the two parents will be scheduled.

Emotional Advantages

Divorce can be a deeply emotional experience. Dealing with moving expenses, seeing your children less often and knowing that your life is making a big change can be overwhelming. Also, being unsure of just how the process will result can leave you with intense nerves. A collaborative divorce takes each of these factors into account. Along with determining how your children will be cared for, collaboration is more empathetic in the sense that your plans and opinions are taken into consideration. Compare this to the courts, which tend to make binding decisions and disregard what couples are experiencing on a personal and emotional level. With a collaborate divorce, couples are allowed more control and influence on how an outcome will develop.

Impartial Third Party Participation

Divorces are known for having the habit of bringing out the worst in people. As mentioned before, emotions run high when a spouse is unsure if a divorce settlement will go his/her way. On an emotional level, people tend to make poor choices during periods of anger. Collaborative divorces are known for easing tense emotional states by allowing a spouse more input during the divorce procedure. The attorneys for both sides will participate in helping clients decide on a mutually-agreed outcome rather than employ typical litigation. This grants the spouses the legal expertise they need while receiving the beneficial guidance required to make their divorce more easily manageable.

A Trusted Name

The atmosphere of a collaborative divorce is one of cooperation, which can go a long way when it comes to factors such as child custody arrangements and avoiding the courtroom. Our divorce attorneys in McAllen understand that every case is unique and require detailed and thorough legal consideration. Know that a trusted name is available to help you during this difficult period in your life.

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