5 Things That You Should Do Before Filing for a Divorce

Deciding that a divorce is the best outcome for your troubled marriage can easily be one of the hardest and most emotionally-draining experiences that a couple can go through. What’s also important to know is that divorces don’t always just affect a couple. It can also completely change the lives of your children and even extended relatives. Let’s talk about what needs to be done when proceeding with a divorce and how we can help.

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Hire the Right Attorneys

When going through divorce proceedings, you’ll want to ensure that your needs are handled by professionals that understand what your goal is. A competent attorney will sit down with you to hear your side of the story, go over what your options are and create a long-term plan where your legal well-being will be the best it can.

Keep Important Documents On-Hand

As with everything involving the law, proper documentation will be key to reaching a more favorable outcome for your case. Make sure to have an accurate and proper documentation of mortgages, phone records and car notes. All of these may be relevant in court. If you can, do this before filing for a divorce. If you share most of these documents with your spouse, make copies of them. Keep in mind that there are many spouses who react quite negatively to the thought of divorce and may even make it hard to access important documents, so plan accordingly.

Know What Your End-Goals Are

The most important custody situation involves your children. Before heading into a hearing and demanding custody of your little ones, set time aside to review your work schedule, your children’s schedule and any obligations that you have. You’ll be way ahead of the curve if you show up to court with a schedule that benefits your former spouse and children.

Do As You’re Told

When a divorce proceeding starts, most judges will issue an order at the beginning to halt both parties from buying, selling or ridding any marital property. This is done since it dissuades both sides from spending joint checking accounts or using money to drain a certain account out of anger or spite. Be sure and follow all orders that are given to you to prevent any headaches down the road.

Know Your Living Situation

As obvious as this may seem, many divorcing couples actually share the same residence. We understand that this may be an awkward and inconveniencing situation, so do yourself a favor and make the proper plans to ensure that you and your spouse have a residence to live at if you decide that living together is not an option. If you happen to be the one that will leave the home, make sure that you find another location to live in before divorce proceedings start.

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