5 Common Myths Debunked by Our Divorce Attorneys

Nearly fifty percent of married couples divorce in the united states, according to the world population review. While the reasons for divorce vary, still our divorce attorneys in McAllen can help facilitate each case. Divorce proceedings can get tricky, and there is still some misinformation on divorce matters. We can clarify, and make the whole process simplified by acting as your representation.

Read about six myths that are untrue in divorce proceedings. 

“Assets are Separated Equally”

During a divorce, it’s rare that property is separated evenly. A judge will reviews each individual’s income and determines each persons needs. For example, a custodial parent can receive more property for having full custody of their child.

“Mothers Immediately Win Custody of Children”

While this has been the status quo for some time, child custody is determined by a judges review of several factors.

  • Financial income of each parent 
  • Relationship with each parent
  • Who the child wants to live with (applicable for children twelve and up)

“Property is Divided in a Court Hearing”

This is another commonly misconstrued belief. There are multiple ways this is done other than a court. You and your spouse may:

  • Have attorneys hire a negotiator.
  • Handle proceedings in our law office
  • Sign documents amicably at a county court office.

“Divorce Court is a Battleground” 

Actually, if you and your spouse are divorcing on amicable terms, you could file and uncontested divorce. Meaning both separating parties agree on all issues such as property division and child custody. This is the cheapest way to go during a divorce which is beneficial to both as divorce can get expensive as it is. 

“You Cannot See Your Children Without Paying Child Support”

This is not necessarily true, you can still meet with your children. However, a judge may issues penalties that could impact your visitation rights if you don’t keep up with your payments.

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