4 Common Proceedings our Divorce Attorney in McAllen Can Assist

You don’t have to go through a complex divorce alone, our Divorce Attorney in McAllen can help answer all your annulment questions. Regardless of the reason for your divorce, we are here to tend to your legal needs. Whether it’s your first divorce or your last, each divorce comes with its own unique process. We’ve decided to put together four of the most common divorce proceedings we can assist you with to hopefully put you more at ease. 

Applying for Divorce with No Children 

The main question is figuring out if your divorce is contested or uncontested. If uncontested, the divorce can be handled easily with an agreement over the proceeding, or by default when your spouse does not show up in court or give a statement. If contested, you will have to set a court hearing to have your issues over belongings settled by a judge.

Applying for Divorce with Minor Children

An uncontested court proceeding means that you and your spouse agree on custody, visitation, and child support payments and are willing to sign all legal documents confirming in doing so, or by default when a parent serves the other and there is no comment over what is written. A contested court proceeding can be lengthy, but if it means fighting for the rights to your children, you may request to set a court hearing, and give your spouse a 45 day notice. 

Requesting a Protective Order for Myself or my Children

A protective order will help restrain contact from you and your children from an abusive or violent individual. To obtain a protective order you must go to court in a hearing and the judge will determine if you’re eligible and for how long the protective order should be in effect.

Requesting to Annul or Void a Divorce 

An annulment can be granted in court if the spouse was coerced, frauded, or threatened to get married in which the court can issue the annulment. To void a divorce means to go around litigation and immediately void the marriage as both parties can agree there was not a legally binding and valid marriage between them. 

“The main question is figuring out if your divorce is contested or uncontested. Our McAllen divorce attorney can help you determine this. This question can impact your divorce proceeding if you have children under 18 years old, are filing for an annulment, or don’t have any children.”

How Much Does a Divorce Cost?

Each divorce is unique in its own way as it deals with the distribution of assets and possibly child custody. To get a better estimate on how much you may be spending during a divorce make sure to call our Barrera Sanchez Representatives for in-depth legal consultation. 

What are My Rights During a Divorce?

Your rights are protected under the Bill of Rights, and you are entitled to a lawyer and legal representation. 

Does Texas Have a Waiting Period for Divorce?

Your divorce is not finalized until you have a 60 day waiting period. Only in cases of domestic abuse with filed protective orders can the process be sped up.

Can I Receive Alimony During a Texas Divorce?

To be eligible for Alimony, a divorce court may request you:

  • Be married for more than 10 years.
  • Have proof you can’t meet basic financial needs.
  • Spouse is mentally incapacitated, and can’t work.

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