4 Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement That You and Your Future Spouse Should Consider

If there’s one thing most newlyweds don’t know, it’s that divorce can be expensive should their marriage fail. We know that mentioning prenuptial agreements when a marriage is about to happen might seem troubling, but there are quite a few benefits of sitting down with your partner to discuss an agreement that could save you headaches and heartaches if a divorce occurs. Below are some of the benefits of prenuptial agreements that can give you peace of mind.

Having a prenuptial agreement before a wedding is a smart move. Call Barrera Sanchez & Associates, P.C. today if you think you might need one.

Financial Solidarity

No one wants to talk about what to do should a marriage fail before even walking down the aisle. A prenuptial agreement will bring the couples holdings and financial matters into the forefront. Considering a prenup will help them decide on what to do during a divorce and during the marriage.

Most new couples feel uncomfortable with talking about their finances or bank accounts, but a prenup will help bring to light any inconsistencies that could harm either party should the marriage not work.

Division of Property

The worst time to discuss who gets what is during a divorce. Emotions are high and can surely cloud reasonable judgments. Imagine being emotionally hurt and having to decide who gets to keep the house, car or family belongings. It’s not a pretty sight. Prenuptial agreements take the emotions out of these proceedings since the decisions are made beforehand. If the marriage doesn’t pan out, people can spend time healing and deciding what the future holds versus fretting over the details of the divorce.

Your Children’s Future

Remarrying is quite common these days. It isn’t out of the ordinary for some spouses to be in their second or even third marriage. If the first union doesn’t work out, people move on. Yet, children that come from previous marriages could be hurt financially should a stepparent take half of their assets during a divorce. People who are in the process of getting remarried should consider a prenuptial agreement to protect their children’s inheritance.

Protecting Yourself

If you’re wealthy or just came into some money, getting a prenup could be one of the smartest things you do before getting married. Sadly, many see a divorce as a huge payday. It would be wise not to rush into anything. Allow a significant amount of time to pass before getting married.
Do you really know the person enough to trust them with your finances? Have you seen their good or bad side? Are they willing to sign a prenuptial agreement in the case a marriage ends? If they’re hesitant or show signs of resistance, these are all red flags that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

We Can Help You Prepare

If you’re getting ready to walk down the aisle and are considering a prenup, then give us a call. We can work with you and your spouse regarding reasonable terms as the agreement is being drafted. While we hope you never have to use it, being prepared and talking about a prenup now will save you an immense deal of money and frustration during such an emotionally difficult time. Contact our divorce lawyers in McAllen today for more information.

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