3 Tips from Our Divorce Attorneys in McAllen on Handling Spousal Harassment

Divorce is an emotionally enduring and taxing process that can be weary for both parties involved. At times, your ex-spouse can be the one creating conflict during divorce proceedings. If this occurs, you can reach out to your divorce attorneys in McAllen, and may be able to claim spousal harassment. We want to share a few tips on how to approach this issue during divorce proceedings.

What is Spousal Harassment?

Spousal harassment is a Class B misdemeanor offense that can develop into a Class A misdemeanor which can be punishable by Texas law if continued. It may include: 

  • Posting content online to scare, or cause emotional distress on your behalf.
  • Your spouse filing a false police report that you’re being abusive or have suffered injury.
  • Communicating with and making obscene comments, suggestions, and requests from you.
  • Threatening to hurt, abuse, or create an infliction on your body, family member, friend, or property.
  • Constantly bombarding you with calls, texts, emails, and other media messages in a way to harass, abuse, torment, or message with malicious intent.

Report Incidents Early with our Divorce Attorneys in McAllen

It is best to contact your local police department and file a report. With reports filed you could build a possible case, with proper guidance from your divorce attorney in McAllen. 

You can also request a restraining order. If you have questions about how to start a case or if the actions of your spouse counts as harassment then you need to contact our professionals at Barrera and Associates to help guide you towards the right steps forward.

Speak to Someone You Trust

You can reach out to:

  • Loved ones you trust 
  • Your local police department
  • National or local hotlines for spousal abuse 
  • Legal advisors such as our divorce attorneys in McAllen 

Review Your Documentation

Having documentation of your encounters with your spouse can be helpful in a court of law. Always ask your legal representation if they can use any documentation that you can provide. Digital documentation may be used. Consider collecting:

  • Text messages or emails
  • Photos of physical harm
  • Any form of contact made through social media platforms

Contact our Divorce Attorneys in McAllen

Our legal team has the experience and drive to help you with any case. Whether you need help writing a will or finalizing divorce; allow our trained and certified professionals to guide you to triumph. Contact us today to get the representation you deserve.

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