3 Court-Approved Steps That Parents Can Take to Help Them Receive Equal Visitation Rights

If you are currently seeking child visitation rights, then you may be fearing that a court’s intervention will be needed to receive what you’re seeking. It’s completely normal to feel this way, after all, countless couples go through this process each year in Texas, and our McAllen divorce lawyers are here to help you.

One thing that you should definitely know is that a judge’s main concern will be to determine if your involvement is in the best interest of the child and how your visitation rights should be determined if they’re granted to you.

Continue reading to learn about three court-approved steps that can help you during this process.

Join a Court-Approved Program

If a judge has not assigned a parenting program to either parent, you can request to participate in one. The Texas Attorney General’s Office offers child support programs for all families where training is accessible to parents to create a healthy and stable household.

Utilize the Access and Visitation Hotline

The Attorney General Access and Visitation Hotline can offer insight into what your rights are as a parent.

This hotline allows access to:

  • Information on visitation and family law-related issues.
  • Guidance on paternity and child support concerns.
  • Representatives who can answer your questions regarding your child custody rights.

Practice Family Law Courtesies

The Attorney General’s Child Support Division offers many tips for cooperative parents. One is to keep communication open with your ex-spouse and document your interactions with him/her.

Cooperation can prove to be beneficial for both co-parents as it:

  • Can improve your child’s self-esteem during the separation process.
  • Opens a dialogue between both ex-spouses to discuss their child’s well-being.
  • Allows both ex-spouses to work together and make important decisions regarding the child’s upbringing.

Contact Our Divorce Lawyers in McAllen

If you’re a recent divorcee who’s in need of legal help concerning child custody, then contact one of our divorce attorneys in McAllen for a free consultation. In the meantime, consider these three points when seeking your visitation rights.

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