3 Child Support Tips That You Should Know from Our McAllen Divorce Attorneys

If you’re divorcing and have children under 18, then you’ve probably discussed child support with your spouse. Many factors can interfere with or alter a child support order, including employment or a disability. Whatever your circumstances are, take control of your child support order by starting with a consultation with our divorce attorneys in McAllen to explore your options.

How to File for Child Support

How to File for Child Support

You and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse can create a child-support agreement without a judge. The two of you must agree on who’ll be paying for support, how much will be paid, and how it’ll be paid.

Our McAllen divorce lawyers can help with:

  • Filing a child support order.
  • Clarifying the terms of the support order.
  • Negotiating on your behalf with your ex-spouse’s lawyer(s).

Why You Should Have an Attorney

Why You Should Have an Attorney

You should file your child support order through the Office of the Attorney General (AOG). This is beneficial if your child receives benefits like Medicaid, food stamps, etc.

On the other hand, we can help with:

Filing During the Pandemic

If you’re struggling to pay child support due to financial strain from the COVID-19 pandemic, then you may need to modify your child support order.

We can:

  • Argue your case in court.
  • File a modification request.
  • Collect evidence on your behalf.
  • Explain your options to modify the support order.

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