UK Lawyer: Wives’ Drinking Problems Responsible for Divorce

Surprising statistics suggest women –not men– who struggle with alcohol are responsible for drinking their marriage away, according to Attorney Amanda McAllister of the United Kingdom. Men who seek her legal expertise, claim their wives’ alcoholic tendencies are the culprit. She has seen “these cases [rise] by 70 percent in the last five years.”

Normally when a man opts for divorce, the reasons include adultery, lack of financial support, or disconnect. But heavy drinking is now an increasing factor. It is an underlying reason men do not easily confirm, claiming false reasons until the truth comes out.

According to HuffingtonPost, researchers from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health studied a link between alcohol and divorce. They found the chances for divorce were increased when one spouse outdrank the other or simply drank heavily. Here recently, it seems the women are grabbing the bottle by the horns.

Alcohol abuse alters the state of mind, provoking discourse and isolation. This prompts days or months of marital turmoil that forces spouses to make the difficult decision of filing for divorce, after deciding that enough is enough.

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