Texas Attorney General’s Office Collects Record $3.6 Billion in Child Support Funds

A divorce can spell heavy financial burdens for couples who are not prepared for the cost of ending their marriage. One of the many factors these couples deal with is child support, should they have any children. After a divorce, the father is the one who typically financially supports his children if the mother gains custody. In Texas, the Attorney General’s office has made history for those children not receiving assistance.

Greg Abbott’s Child Support Division has set a new annual record by collecting an unbelievable $3.6 billion worth of late child support payments. The funds are expected to support 900,000 families. An estimated $27 billion have already been collected overall since Abbott took office in 2002. Nationally, Texas’s Child Support Division leads and has held the top spot for the past six years. Abbott has also highlighted that the program does more than assistance needy children. Taxpayers also benefit by having to pay less in taxes to help support these families. In 2012, it was reported that $1.76 billion was saved in taxes.

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