Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Linked To Rising Marital Discord/Divorce

Two years after the infamous Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan, which occurred after the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, experts are beginning to see a correlation between the disaster and marital strains within couples residing in the area. According to Noriko Kubota, clinical psychology professor at Iwaki Meisei University, the incident has led to a phenomenon known as “atomic divorce”. The term relates to the unique strains on marriages within the region as a result of the disaster which occurred in March of 2011.

Kubota gave the following as examples of decision these couples in the region are facing:

  • Whether or not it is safe to remain in the area
  • Uncertainty of the dangers of radiation
  • The safety of having children

These topics and the disagreements coupled with the trauma the disaster inflicted on the citizens are creating a unique strain on the couples, according to Kubota. Such factors that are common in most divorces such as alcoholism, depression and domestic violence are plaguing the area. The head of the Ecosystem Conservation of Japan, Hobun Ikeya, further added that married couples in the area should avoid having children as the chances of deformities of newborns will rise.

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