Divorce Rates Among Elderly Increasing

According to a study conducted by Bowling Green State University, divorce rates among Americans aged over 50 have doubled since 1990. Also in the study; one of four people divorcing each year is over 50, compared to one in ten in 1990. The central reason for the growing number is the fact that a person in that age bracket will tend to divorce due to them getting remarried. Also, because a person will divorce at that age, he/she will potentially face unique legal problems. One such problem is the division of assets due to the length of time the couple has been married. The longer the marriage, the more assets accumulated over time.

Likewise, the divorced couple can possibly experience unique personal issues that a younger divorcing couple would not encounter. One is the difficulty in determining the worth of their assets due to the accrued amount of time of their marriage. Another is health insurance; one spouse’s coverage is provided by the other’s employment plan. The divorced couple’s adult children are more likely to feel resentment towards one spouse rather than being more accepting of the situation as a younger person would. However, older divorced couples tend to see and spend time with each other more due to the closer bond they have formed over the years. Marriage experts encourage older couples considering divorce to instead seek marriage counseling.

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