Childhood Scars Result in Adulthood Divorce

“We’re staying together for the kids.” It is a dreadful statement; equivalent to dragging a chain and ball. A recent study suggests staying in it for the kids is a bad idea if loud, angry arguments are to resume. As it turns out, eternal conflict in the home during childhood is the cause for divorce in adulthood.

Researchers at Montclair State University in New Jersey unraveled statistical truth: children in low conflict households were less likely to divorce as adults, whereas children who grew up in high conflict households were likely to divorce as a result.

Little eyes and little ears absorb every moment and every word. Unfortunately, parents are unaware of how their behavior will affect their children’s ability to create and remain in a committed, loving marriage.

Civility is key for preventing emotional scarring in children. Divorce does not have to be ugly, so do not force yourself to remain in an unhappy marriage.

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