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Losing a close family member or friend can be a difficult experience for anyone. The days and weeks following such a death can be even more strenuous if the deceased has left behind a large amount of assets without leaving a will stating who will receive them. This period of time can be overwhelming to the still mourning family members who are now left with the task of determining, and perhaps even arguing about, who will receive the various assets.

Our experienced attorneys at the Barrera, Sanchez & Associates Law Firm are here to oversee any and all cases regarding wills and trusts to the citizens of Mission. We cannot stress the importance of having a written will as it will avoid any confusion or conflict regarding your belongings after the inevitable happens. Whether you own many items or very few, always have a written will on hand should the unexpected happen. What may have little value to you may have strong sentimental value for a friend or loved one of yours.

We assist you in properly sorting your assets and listing them according to your wishes. Writing a will is not easy, and that is where our attorneys can help. We will go out of our way in making you, our client, know that your wishes are followed explicitly. Whether you wish to pass on personal belongings, stocks, bank accounts or anything else you hold dear, we will be here at your side to make it so without any obstacles. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of our state’s laws regarding wills and probate. Our approach and execution of each case is based on the individual and we do our utmost to provide a resolution to even the most complex case.

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Although probate laws may be vague for the uninformed, our attorneys are fully experienced in that practice area. Contact the best probate attorneys of the Barrera, Sanchez & Associates Law Firm at (956) 287-7555 for a consultation regarding your will. You may also visit our firm located at 10113 N. 10th Street, Suite A, in McAllen, Texas.