7 Reasons for Creating a Will in 2023 with our McAllen Probate Lawyers

If you have not created a will and trust, there is no better time than the present. Before we enter 2023, consider what assets you own now and who you wish to include in your estate plan. Our McAllen probate attorneys provides exceptional service and representation for probate proceedings, contested wills, and estate planning. There are many reasons you want to create an estate plan. Do you fit one of the following scenarios?

Life is Unpredictable

The uncertainty of life can be enough of a reason to create an estate plan and want to leave your loved ones with some security. Creating a will or trust that outlines your wishes is helpful to those handling your passing, including your family.

Offer Closure in an Estate Plan

Even though it is a document, an estate plan ensures your beneficiaries receive parting thoughts, and possessions that you enjoyed together. An estate plan also ensures that those who meant most to you feel remembered and are protected financially.

Get Peace of Mind

Not being able to afford a funeral, hospital bills, or fees can be overwhelming for any family. Give yourself peace of mind and remove unwanted stress by constructing a will that answers the hard decisions.

Wills are Easy to Create

Contrary to common belief, a will is simple to create. Choose the type of will you would like to make, then have our McAllen probate lawyers review the documents to ensure every factor you want is listed. Our legal team can be by your side to draft, witness, and advise you through the entire estate planning process.

Have a Say in Your Beneficiaries

Drafting a will ensures all the people you love are cared for, and a trust protects the property you want designated to them. This is especially important if you have minor children and want to protect their financial future. Without a properly drafted will, some family members or even outstanding creditors may attempt to request property during the probate process.

Wills Protect Beneficiaries in Contested Wills

Contested wills may seem harsh, but fighting over an unwritten will is common. With cases traveling through probate courts, you can ensure your voice and desires are heard best, as a court judge reviews your will if any party should request to contest.

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