How Filing Under the Grounds of Adultery Affects Divorce

Perhaps you’ve already filed for divorce under the grounds of adultery or are thinking of doing so. No matter what your case may be, it’s important to weigh the outcomes of filing under this reason. Your life and the lives of your spouse and children will be affected by this decision, so being well-informed about the divorce process when adultery... Read More

Child Support: What Happens if I Can’t Pay?

You fell in love with the man/woman of your dreams, had a beautiful wedding and then decided to start the family you always wanted. This is the life that many people in Texas and around the nation dream about. Yet, things can turn sour if a divorce occurs, especially after kids are in the picture. If it has been determined... Read More

Divorce Advice: 3 Things to Consider When Dividing Property

Chances are that during your marriage, you and your spouse increased your collective property. Perhaps you bought a new house, a new car for the family and maybe you two even decided to invest in land. But what happens to all this material property if the possibility of a divorce begins to loom? In this situation, it’s highly important that... Read More

Children and Divorce: Making the Transition Easier

The birth of a child to happily married parents can be one of the most beautiful and important times in their entire lives. But what happens when the marriage begins to go through trouble and falls apart? One of the main things couples should take into consideration when going through divorce proceedings is their children’s well-being. After all, their safety,... Read More

3 Important Things to Remember When Filing for Divorce

Divorcing the person you’d chosen to live the rest of your life with can be a difficult process for you and your family. At times, when going through the litigation progression, tempers may rise and emotions can get the better of you even when trying to control them. At Barrera Sanchez & Associates, P.C., we have valuable information to consider... Read More

Social Media Don’ts: Your Tweets and Posts Could Sabotage Your Divorce

Social media has become one of the biggest hubs for information and communication we have ever seen. Many platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allow us to stay in touch with one another, share ideas and pictures, and even vent our frustrations into the world. Yet, while social media can come with many benefits, there is such a thing as... Read More

Pursuing Annulment: Distinguishing Voidable and Void Marriages – Part 2

In part one of our annulment series, we brought you important information about the ways to prove that your marriage is voidable. We additionally shed light on the main difference between a divorce and an annulment, which voids a marriage as if it never happened. Now, with more advice from attorneys Marcus C. Barrera and Edward P. Sanchez, we’ll show... Read More

Pursuing Annulment: Distinguishing Voidable and Void Marriages – Part 1

A marriage is one of the most beautiful and sacred experiences a couple can experience. However, things aren’t always wonderful when couples decide to join their lives. If this is the case, a civil annulment can be used to end a marriage much like a divorce. But unlike a divorce, an annulment completely voids the marriage as if it never... Read More

Prenuptial Agreements: Clearing Up the Common Misconceptions – Part 2

In part one of our blog series discussing prenuptial agreements, we cleared up some of the most common misconceptions regarding this premarital document. While marriages are a joyous and everlasting union, it’s important to have all of this information handy. It can potentially help you and your future spouse from being left in emotional and financial disrepair if a divorce... Read More

Prenuptial Agreements: Clearing Up the Common Misconceptions – Part 1

Only a handful of things in life can match the beauty, joy and union that a marriage can bring to each spouse. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for marriages to collapse, leaving the two parties in disrepair and with no other option but to go their separate ways. A prenuptial agreement is an effective way to protect both parties during a... Read More