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Have you lost a close relative or friend recently? Have you discovered that this lost loved one left behind several assets with no will determining who these personal belongings will go to? It isn’t unusual that family and friends find themselves in this situation following a recent passing. As common as it happens, it is also one of the easiest predicaments to avoid. Wills are guaranteed to avoid this situation. Would you want your family to bicker and argue about who will keep your gold watch or your sports car should you pass away suddenly? Those who care for you could possibly face years-long and costly litigation in determining which of your belongings will go to whom.

The experienced and highly reputable probate attorneys of Barrera, Sanchez & Associates P.C. have been servicing San Juan for years. Our attorneys have the extensive knowledge in wills and trusts as well as the know-how of the all-encompassing fields making up these two subjects. When meeting with a client, we advise them that no matter how much or how few assets they have in their possession, always list them in a will. The will is guaranteed to avoid any confusion or possible disputes amongst your loved ones when the time to split your assets comes. We will counsel you as to the best course of action in determining what will happen to your belongings after you pass.

The strong relationships we build with our clients are built upon trust and a promise that the outcome to your unique predicament will be one that is to your satisfaction.

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