Pharr Probate Lawyers

Imagine accumulating a mass of wealth and possessions throughout your life. What would become of your belongings should you pass away suddenly? Would your family know what to do? How would they divide them up if you didn’t leave a will? Formulating a will or a trust is essential in planning for your family and friends after you’ve passed on. Avoid months or even years of costly litigation determining who gets what by choosing us to do your hard work for you. Our experts on wills and trusts will guarantee that your family and friends as well as your belongings will be taken care of.

Barrera, Sanchez & Associates P.C. of Pharr always ensure that you have formulated a legal trust and/or will that will prevent any confusion or disputes regarding your assets upon your passing. Our founders, Marcus Barrera and Edward Sanchez, have built a reputable firm for those unsure of what should become of their belongings when the inevitable happens.

We build strong relationships with our clients, and with that, strong bonds of trust that go beyond their cases. No matter the amount or value of the assets you own, we cannot stress the importance of formulating a will. Avoid placing your family and friends in a difficult probate situation. Not only is a will a definitive way of telling your family and friends that you entrust them with your belongings, it assures them that your possessions are distributed according to your wishes.

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Our qualified and skilled probate attorneys at Barrera, Sanchez & Associates are always willing to assist you in formulating your will or trust. Contact us at (956) 287-7555 to schedule a consultation. You may also visit us at 10113 N. 10th Street, Suite A in McAllen, Texas.