Two Texas Cities Rank Top 3 Amongst Most Adulterous

A recent survey recorded the most adulterous cities in the U.S., with Austin, TX and Houston, TX ranking top three in the country, stealing slots two and three, respectively, proving that Texas can carry its weight below the belt. Washington, DC led the pack at No. 1, with Miami, FL at No. 4. As they say: numbers don’t lie. Unfortunately, adulterers do.

Marriages crumble after a partner learns they have been a victim of infidelity, with accusations and resentment marking the walls like angry red paint of their once loving home. Extramarital affairs challenge the validity of a marriage as vows become meaningless and trust is annihilated. Adultery is the most common reason couples file for divorce, since “betrayal is the willful slaughter of hope” as written by the American playwright Steven Deitz.

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