Spring Deception

The angst of discovering the children you believed yours is unfathomable to any parent. Unfortunately, this spring, Richard Rodwell, a U.K. native, learned he had been a victim of adultery and deceit.

Helen Rodwell, his wife during the birth of both children, had, unbeknownst to Richard, engaged in multiple extramarital affairs during their marriage, producing two children from two different fathers. After the marriage failed due to — ironically– his wife’s regular disappearing acts, he agreed to make child support payments of £300 a month for the next four years, believing he had fathered the children.

Rumors prompted him to request DNA tests that would prove the two children were, in fact, his, putting an end to the rumors. The web of lies unraveled with the opening of an envelope: the son and daughter he believed were biologically his, were not. He sued Helen and was, fortunately, awarded compensation.

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