Sleepovers Prohibited by Texas Courts During Divorce

Think twice about asking your lover to sleepover while divorcing your spouse. Regardless of your divorce status, refrain from tainting your image in court as an adulterer. Your children’s emotional and mental well-being is at stake. Watching their parent “replace” mommy or daddy with a stranger so soon can be confusing and upsetting and the court frowns upon it.

Texas courts directly prohibit spouses from engaging in amorous sleepovers. If you are discovered, the walk of shame into the courthouse is the least of your problems. Your spouse may use the event against you in court to gain a custody advantage, especially if the children were present in the home.

Even after divorce is granted, the court may enforce an order prohibiting sleepovers during assigned days of physical custody. If the person is not blood-related, not married to the parent and is of the opposite sex, their presence will not be allowed in the home overnight. Refusing to abide by the rules could result in additional legal child custody battles and the loss of visitation privileges.

Consider what is in the best interest of your children and the legal ramifications before allowing your boyfriend or girlfriend to spend the night. An experienced divorce attorney can best counsel you regarding the dos and don’ts of the divorce process so the outcome of your divorce won’t be affected by improper behavior or actions.

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