Report Reveals Unpaid Child Support in Texas Close to $11 Billion

Records obtained by the Houston Chronicle show nearly half a million parents in Texas have fallen behind on child support payments by nearly a month. State and national authorities claim a fluctuating economy and inconsistent jobless rates are taking a toll on parents who pay child support. Officials also claim that more and more parents are applying to have their obligations reduced during the failing economy. In total, nearly $11 billion in late child support payments have been determined to plague the State of Texas.

State and Legal Interference is Necessary

Every parent has a responsibility to financially contribute to the upbringing of his or her children. Supporting one’s children is not only a moral obligation, it is a duty enforced by Texas law. The Texas Attorney General’s office normally collects from reluctant parents by withholding wages, tax refunds, lottery winnings or suspending professional licenses. It takes the assistance of a family attorney for parents to collect the child support they require in order to ensure a comfortable standard of living for their children.

Legal Remedies which Can Help Parents

A surprising number of parents do not receive the full amount of child support they are entitled to from former spouses. There are two important actions you should take to ensure you are able to collect the past due child support you are owed. First, maintain child support records. This includes documentation that shows what your child support arrangement is, what has been paid and which obligations are outstanding. Second, get in touch with a qualified child support attorney who can help you exercise your legal right to receive child support payments.

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