Money: The Root Of All Evil

The economic recession is proving challenging to married couples who cannot seem to keep their head above water. Drowning in a sea of financial problems, couples are opting for divorce during hard times. Experts claim divorce rates will only increase during the recession, as couples struggle to remain unified beyond the fights and reproaches.

People say money is the root of all evil, but it also makes the world go ‘round– unfortunately. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand how a lack of it can create marital problems.

Unemployment has caused a dramatic change in income, preventing spouses from keeping up with mortgage, car payments and utility bills. The recession has forced couples into a state of depression, fostering feelings of resentment and blame. This makes the perfect environment for divorce. But few couples realize until after it is too late, that the termination of their marriage means that their assets, as well as their debts, will have to be distributed and paid off immediately, causing further strain on an already tight financial situation.

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