Money for Nothing: El Paso Attorney Releases Controversial Child Custody Ad

A divorcing woman’s first worry is the well-being of her children, should she have any. Considering how to provide a home, food and other necessities will run through her mind incessantly. A consultation from an experienced divorce attorney can ease that worry and make the process of caring for the child easier. An attorney practicing in El Paso, however, has introduced questionable practices for the divorcing woman.

Mark Davis released a controversial ad explaining to women how to seek child support to use for their own purposes. According to Davis, a woman seeking financial assistance by using her children can do so by performing the following steps:

  • Become pregnant
  • Cut the father out of the picture upon the birth of the child
  • Sue the father by hiring a state-appointed (and free) attorney
  • Spend the funds as you wish, with or without the child

Davis claims the practices are legal in Texas. The same ad then aims for men, advising them to seek legal advice should they themselves be the victims of women who have performed the above-mentioned acts against them. Davis went on record stating that the ad aims to bring to light how the child support system in the state is exploited. In 2007, the Texas Attorney General implemented a debit card system for mothers to use when child support is granted. The system has been criticized for not keeping track of how funds are spent.

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