January Referred to as “Divorce Month” for Good Reason

January has been nicknamed “Divorce Month”, and for good reason. An analysis conducted by the legal website FindLaw.com indicated that divorce filings in the United States increased during this month. The data collected from 2008 to 2011 also showed that the number of people who filed for divorce continued to rise until late March when the year’s high was reached. It’s unclear why but divorce lawyers and experts speculate that it may have something to do with the existential crisis that some couples experience when the new year begins.

Internet Searches for Divorce-Related Terms also Increase

If couples are not filing for divorce in January, data shows they are at least contemplating the idea and doing their research. The analysis also revealed the same trends when it came to online searches for terms related to divorce, such as family law and child custody. Searches for these words increased 50% during the holiday season and remained consistent through the spring. The data collected from the analysis overwhelmingly supports the idea that spouses who are considering divorce seem more inclined to begin the process once the holiday season is over.

No Matter the Time, Divorce is Not Easy

The divorce process can be difficult regardless of the month that you and your partner decide to follow through with it. The idea that your marriage is coming to an end can be devastating. It is important to remember that seeking legal counsel can help lessen the emotional and financial impact. A family law attorney can provide legal representation for you during your divorce to ensure that your rights are protected and that any assets are accurately identified and assessed.

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