Generation Y: Higher Divorce Rate Than Gen X

Generation Y is proving that divorce is simply just a way of life with higher divorce rates than Generation X and previous generations thought to be caused by immaturity and domestic violence, according to recent studies. Their frame of mind has been altered: serial monogamy is a way of life, part of their culture. The concept of separating has been savagely replaced by concept of divorce. Couples avoid fixing marital problems by way of discussions and momentary separation because divorce is easier to deal with, according to research. An interesting note: this generation is marrying less but divorcing more. However contradictory this may sound, statistics are standing firm.

Divorce, even if taken lightly, is a serious matter. Consulting a divorce attorney is essential in arriving at the best possible outcome for both parties. In contrast, in the event of marriage, seeking the legal recommendations of an attorney for the creation of a prenuptial agreement can help protect your assets in the event of a divorce.

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