Drinking Habits Affect Divorce Rates, Study Finds

The common phrase “opposites attract” is put to the test in a new study highlighting divorce rates and drinking habits. When it comes to drinking, the bonds of matrimony seem to follow a pattern of their own.

A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Buffalo claims couples with similar drinking habits are less likely to call it quits. In marriages where one spouse’s drinking outweighs the other’s, tension typically rises and the marriage is more likely to end. The study followed over 600 couples during the first nine years of their marriage to gather these results.

After conclusive results were recorded, researchers determined that half of marriages in which one spouse consumed significantly more alcohol than the other resulted in divorce. Couples who drank moderately, or shared similar drinking habits, were more likely to remain together. The study showed only 30% of these couples divorced.

Researchers concluded that when a noticeable disparity existed between a couple’s drinking habits, it was more likely to lead to marital dissatisfaction and eventual separation or divorce.

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