Do-It-Yourself Divorce: Website Allows Couples To Handle Their Own Uncontested Terminations

You don’t need to be familiar with divorce law to know that the process is no laughing matter. The time it takes to decide as a couple that your marriage should end for the benefit of both of you should be done with legal guidance. Zac Copp, founder of, thinks otherwise. Copp believes that divorce lawyers are expensive and created the website to allow couples affordable divorce papers. Copp, an attorney himself, showcases the site as having divorce papers prepared in just two easy steps, hence, the name.

The website has also been confirmed to have had its forms prepared by a licensed attorney and are Texas-specific, meaning it’s aimed for couples within the Lone Star State. The forms are downloaded and signed without having to be filled out. Instructions to go about filing them are also provided.

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Divorce is a process that requires personalized legal guidance that certain other methods do not offer. For a consultation that will serve to make your divorce easier, contact an attorney from the law office of McAllen’s Barrera, Sanchez & Associates, P.C. at 956.287.7555.

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