Deceased Woman’s Will Contested by Heirs

In Massachusetts, heirs are contesting the last will and testament of Ms. Helen Kendall. They argue that there were no witnesses present while Ms. Kendall signed her will while in the presence of a notary at a bank. Her will, however, bears the witness signatures of two bank tellers. The bank tellers were not present while Ms. Kendall signed her signature.

According to Mass. Law, the bank tellers did not have to be present while Ms. Kendall signed her will, but instead be reassured by Ms. Kendall herself that the signature was her own. Ms. Kendall never declared the signature was her own, but did not object to the signatures of the tellers either. The court is looking at all angles to determine whether the will is valid or not.

The Court of Appeals is referring to the case as a “close question” as has yet to be resolved after two months of disputes.

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